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The development package for manufacturer and users of sensors including developer board and data acquisition module.

The developer package is a complete package for sensor and device manufacturers. The package includes the data acquisition module EASY PCB E23X and the relevant developer board. The GSM module reads electrical signals and sends the measurement values to the central M2M platform wirelessly. The developer boards allows the simulation of sensor signals and enables you to develop the appropriate device configuration parameters.

The Developer Package is available in two different versions: the Developer Package E230 and the Developer Package E231. The last number represents the footprint and defines the service availability in the different countries.

Product characteristics

• Complete package for developers
• Extensive on-board simulation options
• Easy simulation of sensor signals
• Power supply and GSM antenna included
• JST cable set included
• Quick and easy installation of the module

Your Developer Package E230 is equipped with the following items:

• EASY PCB Board for developers
• EASY PCB E230 Modul
• SIM chip
• JST cable set JST to JST for EASY PCB E2xx
• Magnetic roof antenna SMA
• U.FL antenna cable
• Plug-in power supply
• 10 x jumpers
• Toolpen
• Quick Guide
• 1 month telephone or e-mail support

Cloud Service

• Cloud registration for free: www.microtronics.at/en/common/register.php
• Initial credit in the amount of EUR 5.65 net (1MB) included


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