EASY V3 (3G World) PCB & Interface Board


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With the EASY V3 World Interface Board you can easily create your own application program. The EASY V3 World is equipped with universal inputs, which are used to record data from analogue sensor and signal transmitters. Via RS232 and RS485 interface communication with machines, control units or digital sensors are enabled. A separate power supply for the sensor is not required, since it can be powered directly from the EASY V3 World. For the direct control of an actuator, the device has an isolated switch contact.

Product characteristics

  • Programmable using Pawn Script (similar to C)
  • Programmable using scripting language
  • Industrial interfaces
    • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
    • RS232 / RS485
  • Switchable supply voltages for sensors
  • Isolated switch contact for the signal output
  • Optional battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
  • Integrated charge controller
  • Configuration of the device via web portal
  • Very low commissioning and operating costs
  • Integrated durable SIM chip

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